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Breeding Top Quality Miniature Horses
Home of "Tara Stables Hope for Tomorrow," former
Guinness World Record holder for smallest horse in the world for a number of years
including the Guinness World Record Millenium Book of 2000.
She was featured  on Guinness Primetime TV Show.


                     TOYLAND RICARDO

             WCMHR   FMHA  AMHA & AMHR        

 Lead Herd Sire
Toyland Ricardo
Pure Falabella   Bay Appaloosa
    28" High

Sires tiny little
Falabella Blend
Miniature Horse

       Falabella Foals

more Falabella Blends....



                      Breeding Top Quality Miniature Horses from some of our best Stallions

Flying W Farms Blue Mantle
a direct son of Flying W Farms Little Blue Boy
Triple Registered



Raders Blue Thunder
 his Black Pinto Son will become a Herd Sire This Year.



Spotted Acres Hoss Cartright  
     Bloodlines back to Chianti.
     Double Registered





Our donkeys and Mules are an important part of the Farm too!



All horses at Tara Stables are registered WCMHR