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SHOW ELIGIBILITY Current WCMHR Members and Current WCMHR-registered miniature horses.

DRESS Showmanship exhibitors or handlers should wear hats, boots, and long sleeved shirts in order to receive full consideration in class placement. Western attire—hats, boots, long sleeve shirts and sometimes gloves, vets and jackets are the usual attire of exhibitors and handlers. English attire which includes caps, shirts, breeches, and jodphurs is also suitable. Any type of clothing that is usually worn at a horse show is acceptable. Many exhibitors wear jeans, long sleeve shirts and a vest. More and more gentlemen are wearing regular sports jackets and pants, and a white shirt and tie. Wear something that is comfortable and provides freedom of movement. Flashy clothing, including sequins and glitter are more appropriate for the evening or Championship classes.

Some ladies prefer long skirts rather than jeans or pants. Skirts, hats, and long sleeve blouses or jackets complete the desired look for pleasure driving classes. Lap covers or blankets are sometimes used by ladies in country driving or pleasure driving classes. Gentlemen often wear a hat and jacket for pleasure driving. Some people try to recreate the appearance of a drive in the country, wearing their Sunday Best, at a time when horse and buggy was the means of travel. WCMHR does not require that Roadster Drivers wear jackets and matching caps or hats although they are quite attractive and appropriate for the vehicle. The roadster class is designed to portray the horse in full forward motion in which speed is not penalized. Thus, the racing-type clothing completes the picture. Hunter, Jumper, and Obstacle Classes may be difficult to maneuver in boots and any type of protective footing gear that offers traction may be worn by exhibitors or handlers in these classes.

Costume Classes provides an opportunity to really use one’s imagination for costumes for themselves and their horses. Costumes can also extend to buggies and carts. Most shows have a them that can be used for a guideline for costumes but most likely- Anything in good taste is acceptable. Costume entries may extend to more than one person, horse or vehicle. Exhibitors may walk, ride, or drive.