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WCMHR is Celebrating 22 Years of Registering Miniature Horses all over the
World with One Low Registration fee of $20  thru 2017 for
Qualified miniature horses.
Register 5 or more  horses at one time and pay only $15 per horse--
Miniature Horse
Height Restrictions:  
A-Div. 34" and under   B-Div. over 34"up to and including 38"  

Mail or Fax to: WORLD CLASS MINIATURE HORSE REGISTRY, INC. 12009 Stewartsville Rd., Vinton, VA  24179 USA
540-890-0856  Fax: (540) 890-1043    Current Membership  is required to register        optional work order                                       

Horse's Name

Foaling Date
 Sex: Mare, Stallion, Gelding     Ht.
Other Registry #s if applicable

Body Color
Check if Pinto Appaloosa
See Horse Colors 
     Mane Color Tail Color
Markings (if any)

Indicate color &  markings  on horse outlines.
Draw a line across legs where white  (if any) ends. Draw and label any other white areas including face markings (if any.)
Photos are optional  Digital Photos are acceptable. 


If pedgree information cannot be documented, leave blank or type/write "NA"
Breeder and Location if known:

Sire's Name, Registry, and Height  Fill in if information is known



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Mail is US Funds to WCMHR, Inc., 12009 Stewartsville Rd., Vinton, VA  24179 USA Tel./Fax (540) 890-0856     
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