Registering   Miniature Horses all over the World since 1995! A Div. 34" & under B Div. over 34" up to 38"                
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WORLD CLASS MINIATURE HORSE REGISTRY, INC. was founded in 1995, to offer a full-service Registry and to simplify  owning, showing, breeding, and registering miniature horses.

  The First Miniature Horse Registry to combine forms on the applications and certificates, offer online forms,

online registrations and membership, and show registrations.  WCMHR was the first to offer  "coupons" for membership and registrations in 2009.  The interest and needs of the miniature horse owner has always been foremost with World Class Miniature Horse Registry, Inc.


Turnaround Time is generally 3-4 weeks or sooner.   Photos are not required for registration unless a hardship application is submitted.  Many members prefer to send photos for all registrations and a photo of the horse is placed on the back of the Certificate.


Certificates are on beautiful parchment paper with a gold metallic border.
All Registry work is performed on computers.  However, in order to assure that no data is ever lost, each member has a file that contains all Registry work submitted by the particular member.

Regular Members ($32 per year) receive a 12-month subscription to the Equine Journal that contains the Registry's Monthly Newsletter. Membership runs for a full year from the effective date.  The magazine will run for a full year from the date that the first subscription is received.  Subscription lists will be submitted the end of January and the end of June.  The expiration date is listed on the member's laminated membership card.  The expiration date may be extended to accommodate the waiting period for the first subscription to begin.  Membership is $25 for members in foreign countries.  Members in foreign countries are not eligible to receive the Equine Journal.

Membership in the United States is only $25 if member already has a subscription to the Equine Journal with another affiliation.

Youth membership Fees are only $10 and remain in effect until the youth has reached their 18th. birthday.  Youths may register a miniature horse in their name.  However, if the horse is sold while the youth is under 18,  a parent or legal guardian must sign the back of the certificate in the Transfer Section.

Mastercard, Visa, and Discover credit cards are accepted by the Registry.

Membership must be kept current in order to maintain the free subscription, registrations, transfer, or participating in the annual WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP MINIATURE HORSE SHOW.  

The monthly newsletter is located under the Affiliation Section of the Equine Journal  along with the WORLD CLASS MINIATURE HORSE REGISTRY, INC. LOGO.


WCMHR ads appear monthly in numerous miniature horse and exotic animal magazines.  The Registry has been featured in many articles.

 Miniature Horse and Show Pony owners from all over the WORLD have become members of WORLD CLASS and..............

WCMHR thinks the WORLD of the all of the members and their miniature horses!

LD CLASS MINIATURE HORSE REGISTRY, INC. Membership Application Tel./Fax: 540-890-0856
             Coupons & Special Offers for Membership
Horse Registration Application     Work Order (Optional) Membership required to perform registry work.

For your convenience, this form is provided for you to fill in and then print and mail or fax to the Registry at WCMHR, Inc., 12009 Stewartsville Rd., Vinton, VA  24179

Annual Regular Membership: $32 (Includes Free 12-month subscription to the Equine Journal)
  $25 without subscription in USA if member already has a duplicate subscription, lives in Canada
          or other Foreign Country.

$250 Lifetime membership (includes 1st. year's subscription) Includes 1 free horse registration.
$10 Youth membership (does not include subscription) valid until Youth's 18th. birthday.

FREE  Spouse or Partner's name include on membership if names are entered.
FREE Farm Name registered with membership if applicable.
FREE Listing of your farm information in the Online Breeders List (only those members
who wish to be listed are included on this list.)
                            Your privacy is of the utmost importance to this Registry.

No extra fee to include spouse or partner
Spouse or Partner Youth& age 

No extra fee to register your farm name with your membership
Farm Name


City State

Zip Country Telephone

Fax e-mail  
Please email me news and information about the Registry   No. of applications requested

Print and fill in the blanks  or Tab through the blocks to fill in online, print, and mail or fax to the Registry. Registry. include a check or money order or Mastercard and Visa may be used for Registry Fees. If charging--Include Mastercard #:   or Visa #   Expiration Date and cardholder's name. DO NOT FILL IN CREDIT CARD INFORMATION ON LINE.
All payments must be made in US Funds.  If using a check from another country, you may send a money order or cashier's check or write US Funds beside the dollar amount on the check.
Check or Money order          Visa                   Mastercard     Discover

 Visa  #_________________________________________________________________

or Mastercard #__________________________________________________________

Expiration Date_______ Cardholder's Printed Name________________________________


______CW2 3-digit security code on back of card at the end of the credit card number.



 WORLD CLASS MINIATURE HORSE REGISTRY, INC. A-34" and under   B-over 34"-38"    Permanent at 3 yrs.
 Current Membership  is required to register                                                Photos are Optional except Hardship Applications
Current Year Foal-$15   Yearling-$20   Two –Year Old.-$25      Three Years or Older-$30
Geldings Open Registry-$10 pedigree not required for Geldings                                  Show Pony over 38"-48" $15
Hardship, Mare or Stallion-$75 previously unregistered, one orboth parents unregistered or
unknown. Requires Height at any age, and 4 photos, front, back, & both sides.
   Print the number of applications needed or Tab through the blocks to Fill in information and Print
Horse's Name
Foaling Date
 Sex: Mare, Stallion, Gelding Ht. 3 or older or Hardship
Other Registry #s if applicable
Body Color
Pinto Appaloosa
See Horse Colors      Mane Color Tail Color
Markings (if any)
Indicate color & markings  on horse outlines.
Draw a line across legs where white  (if any) ends. Draw and label any other white areas including face markings (if any.)
Photos are optional except for Hardship. Digital Photos are acceptable.1 of each side and front.


Breeder and Location if known:
Sire's Name, Registry, and Height  Fill in if information is known-Not Required for Hardship



Dam's Name, Registry, and Height

Owner's Name
Membership No if known or assigned   
Farm name

City, State, and Zip
Country Tel

Mail is US Funds to WCMHR, Inc., 12009 Stewartsville Rd., Vinton, VA  24179 USA Tel./Fax (540) 890-0856     Do not fill in credit card on line.  
Print form and then fill in credit card information before mailing if charging to a Visa, Mastercard, or Discover. _____ 3 digit security code on back.

check/mo order    Visa    MC  Discover      No. _____________________________________________exp. date ________ 
cardholder's name _____________________________________signature______________________________________date_________
Print the number of applications desired  or   click here for another  application to fill in online
 Applications to mail or fax